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Management functions need to be understood

Succesfull staffing of management level and C-level functions requires profound experience in regards to an exclusive way of addressing of this patronage and last but not least knowledge about markets, company cultures and fields of interests. As a "business card" of our customers we need - in interest of both sides - to work highly discreet. Not only in rare cases we are working with NDAs - non-disclosure agreements. So, how do we work?

To ensure that we do not disrupt makrets and speaking to a small amount of people we work together with our clients on a neutral "long list" and based on this on a tangible "short list". As a customer you can be involved in as many details as you wish. As a matter of fact of course fully in accordant with the rules. As a BDU member we are committed to work according to the principles of the recruiting agencies as well to the GDPR (general data protection regulation).

Additionally our diagnostic tools can support the selection process. By this we ensure to find the best-possible match to the current point of time.